The West African Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (WAIMM) is a voluntary, non-governmental organization incorporated under the laws of Ghana with the aim of enhancing professionalism in the mining and petroleum industry across West Africa and beyond.

The strategic objective of WAIMM is to deepen professionalism in the mineral and geoscience industry and also to represent geoscientists in regional geology, mining and research in the West African sub-region.

Our focus is to provide exceptional leadership and professional development through a continuous concerted effort of training, seminars, networking, webinars, skill management, conferences, workshops, peer review, safety awareness, institutional and organizational controls of best practices and research into modern and technological trends in industrial practices for the benefit of all members.

For further information about WAIMM please contact us at and also follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube social networks.

WAIMM Videos

Welcome to WAIMM – Joseph Djan Mamphey (Vice President)

WAIMM Inauguration

WAIMM Introduction by the President Lawrence Omari – Mensah