Code Of Ethics

WAIMM Code Of Ethics

  • Members must avoid unnecessary and unfair competition with other members and must avoid mudslinging since such behaviors can tarnish the reputation of the noble profession.
  • When necessary and in a bid to promote the profession, members must refer other specialists and technical personnel who are better suited for some works for the greater benefit of the companies which they work for.
  • Members shall discharge their duties diligently, professionally and with fidelity to their clients, the public, and their employers at all times.
  • Members shall carry out their work and duties competently with integrity, focus and professional responsibility.
  • A member shall have due regard for the welfare and safety of the community which may be affected by the work for which he is responsible or which may result from his recommendations.
  • All members are required to carry out their duties in strict adherence to this Code so as to uphold the dignity of the profession and to maintain the highest possible level of conduct in all professional matters.
  • Members must express opinions without bias, without vested interest and in accordance with the established industry rules of behaviour  and appropriate practice.
  • Members must avoid possible conflicts of interest relating to jobs at all times.
  • Members must not presume to be experts in fields other than their own, or accept professional obligations that they are not competent to discharge.
  • Members must act on the basis of knowledge and honest conviction. They must never alter evidence in order to strengthen an argument. Advice must be based on the scientific or technical evidence with the limitations clearly explained.
  • A member may, where required, give a considered professional opinion based on facts, experience, interpretation, or a combination of these.
  • A member shall neither intentionally nor negligently do anything to destroy, directly or indirectly, the reputation, prospects or business of another member.
  • A member shall ensure that proper credit is given to any associate, subordinate or otherwise, who has contributed to work for which he is responsible or whose work is being reviewed.
  • A member shall not disclose confidential information acquired as a result of work done for his client or employer for any personal gain or advantage, unless under the consent in writing by his client or employer.
  • Any member who is found to have breached any of the provisions of this Code by the Professional standards and Ethics Committee shall be disciplined, and this may include being suspended from the WAIMM membership.
  • A Member must declare his Membership grade at all times if called upon to act in an expert professional capacity, to ensure that a client/employer is aware of their status and that of their professional competence.
  • Members shall not describe themselves, nor permit to be described as a consultant in their particular branch of the profession unless they occupy a position of professional independence and are able to act as an unbiased and independent adviser.
  • They shall not knowingly accept professional work in connection with which another member has been appointed to act, except in collaboration with such other member, unless they are formally notified by the Client of any such changes.
  • Members should always ensure there is healthy competition for tendering jobs on the basis of professional charges  and in accordance with industry standards.
  • Members who are in responsible positions of consulting firms should ensure high professional standards of operation are utilized at all times.


  • Any member, individual or organization may lodge a complaint in respect of the actions of another member.
  • Complaints shall be made in writing and shall be referred to the attention of the Chair of the Complaints Committee.
  • The Complaints Committee may seek legal opinion or advice from independent experts or from the Governing Council.
  • The Complaints Committee may also seek additional evidence relating to the complaint.
  • The Complaints Committee must consider every complaint in its entirety and make appropriate recommendations after deliberating on such complaints.
  • The Complaints Committee may determine matters which it deems are breaches of Codes (excluding the Code of Ethics), Statutes or rules of WAIMM, and if non-compliance is established, impose a penalty which may include a reprimand, mediation and/or counseling.
  • Suspension of membership may not be imposed by the Complaints Committee.
  • Any decision of the Complaints Committee may be appealed to the Ethics Committee.
  • All deliberations at the Complaints Committee shall be held in strict confidence of all parties and no third parties shall be made privy to such interactions.

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