Code Of Ethics

WAIMM Code Of Ethics

  • All Members of the West African Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (WAIMM) except Affiliate, Associate, Student, Company and Junior Members, are required to comply with this Code of Ethics. Affiliate, Associate, Student and Junior Members are encouraged to comply with this Code of Ethics. Similarly, Company Members are encouraged, to the extent that it applies to a company, to comply with this Code of Ethics.
  • The first responsibility and the highest duty of members shall at all times be the welfare, health and safety of society.
  • Members shall act so as to uphold and enhance the honor, integrity and dignity of the profession and WAIMM.
  • Members shall perform work only in their areas of competence.
  • Members shall build their professional reputation on merit and shall not compete unfairly.
  • Members shall apply their skill and knowledge in the interests of their employer or client for whom they shall act, in professional matters, as faithful agents or trustees.
  • Members shall give evidence, express opinions or make statements in an objective and truthful manner and on the basis of adequate knowledge.
  • Members shall continue their professional development throughout their careers and shall actively assist and encourage those under their direction to advance their knowledge and experience.
  • Members shall comply with all laws and regulations relating to the mineral and petroleum industries.


  • Any member, individual or organization may lodge a complaint in respect of the actions of another member.
  • The Complaints Committee may seek legal opinion or advice from independent experts or from the Governing Council.
  • The Complaints Committee may also seek additional evidence relating to the complaint.
  • The Complaints Committee must consider every complaint in its entirety and make appropriate recommendations after deliberating on such complaints.
  • The Complaints Committee may determine matters which it deems are breaches of Codes (excluding the Code of Ethics), Statutes or rules of WAIMM, and if non-compliance is established, impose a penalty which may include a reprimand, mediation and/or counseling.
  • Any decision of the Complaints Committee may be appealed to the Ethics Committee.

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