WAIMM Distinguished Personality Profile

Past Personality Profiles

This is a WAIMM exclusive personality profiling of industry professionals who have made significant contributions to the industry and getting them known to the world. The honour includes listening to in-depth stories of very old mining professionals some dating back to 1950s and also new professionals that are currently trending in the industry.

Interviews are conducted in a very informal manner to get the professionals to bring out the driving force behind their success. We try as much as possible to get them to address all the various aspects of working in the industry.

All the interviews would be uploaded on The WAIMM  YouTube channels linked to the WAIMM website.

Who qualifies to be profiled?

The Industry Professional personality profiling is not restricted to only the core mining and petroleum industry professionals. It is applicable to anyone in academia, governmental and non-governmental institutions, other stakeholders whose efforts are aimed at spearheading the growth and development of the mining and petroleum industries; it doesn’t necessarily have to be those in direct involvement but also those who have assisted in championing the cause for sustainability of the mining and petroleum industry over the years.

For further information about the event and participation details, please send email to profiles@waimm.org 

Past Personality Profiles

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