Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the body mandated to provide long term strategic goals towards advancement of the objectives and interests of the WAIMM and shall exercise all powers of the Institute in conformity with the Constitution and Bye-laws in shaping the WAIMM towards current trends whilst maintaining the core objectives.

The Executive Committee is tasked with the following:

  • Provide long term strategic goals and corporate governance for the institute towards positioning the WAIMM as the foremost gathering of professionals in the mining and petroleum industry across the west African sub region
  • Strengthen the WAIMM Membership and Fellow categories in alignment with other International bodies for mutual recognition
  • Spearhead international mineral community representation and recognition of the WAIMM as partners in industry growth and development
  • Shaping policy direction and orientation across west Africa sub region and beyond
  • Position the WAIMM to provide mining and Oil & Gas Executive leadership, investor and government relations, environment, health, safety and sustainability, technology and innovation

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