This grade of membership is reserved for institutions including:

  • Universities
  • Regulatory Institutions
  • Associations
  • Workers Unions
  • NGOs
  • Civil Society Organisations
  • Research Institutions

The activities of such institutions must directly or indirectly impact on advancing the development of the mining and petroleum industry.

Application Requirements
  • Must indicate steps in advancing the cause of the mining and petroleum industry
  • Proposal on the benefits of affiliation
  • A commitment to working with the WAIMM Bye-laws and Code of Ethics
  • Bursary facilities to promote greater participation of women in the study of petroleum, mining and related courses.
  • Opportunities for Universities and other Research institutions to access funds for research targeted at technological developments in industry related projects.
  • The opportunity to use the WAIMM platform for networking and professional development initiatives.
  • Unlimited access to a wide resource pool of very experienced and expert industry professionals.
WAIMM Affiliate Members