The objective of the WAIMM Codes of Practice is to ensure all professionals work with a particular set of working ethics and avoid conflicts and possible blunders.

The codes enhances professionalism and are specific to the practical solutions of conducting tasks and assures honesty, integrity  and allows industry professionals to execute projects with fidelity.

Currently, the WAIMM members upon election have to commit to various internationally accepted codes when acting in certain capacities as industry professionals and also the laws and regulations used in the mining and petroleum industries of various West African countries.


  1. JORC Code
  2. NI 43 – 101
  3. VALMIN Code 2015
  4. SAMREC Code
  5. UK_Euro REPORTING Code
  6. Ghana Minerals Act 2006
  7. Burkina Faso Mining Act 2003
  8. Sierra Leone Mines and Minerals Act 2009
  9. Ghana NPA Act 2005
  10. Liberia Minerals and Mining Law 2000
  11. Cameroon Minerals Amended Act 2010
  12. Republic of Equatorial Guinea Mining Law 2006
  13. Nigeria Minerals and Mining Act 2007
  14. The Legal and Regulatory Framework for Mining in Nigeria 2014