This grade of membership is offered to companies and organizations in the mining and petroleum industry that are looking at furthering the professional development of their personnel and enhancing professionalism in the industry in general.

Application requirements
  • Any company engaged in the Mining, Minerals and materials, Petroleum industry
  • Public sector, Science and research institutions engaged in the mining and extractive industry

Company members are put into different grades according to the number of employees and also production status.

Grade A

This category of company membership is applicable only to companies or organizations with about 1,000 employees or more and are into production.

Grade B

This grade of company membership is for companies or organizations with a strength of either less or more than 100 employees and is currently undertaking feasibility or development stage or has just started production.

Grade C

This category of company membership is applicable to companies or organizations with an employee strength of less than 50 people and is at the exploratory stage of operations or a mining, oil & gas consultancy firm.

For further assistance with member application, please send email to and we would gladly assist you.

  • Company membership provides companies the opportunity to give their employees the requisite professional development and standards on evolving operational and technological trends in the industry.
  • Company members can use the WAIMM platform to provide inter-personal relationships between the members and the communities through seminars on current affairs / issues bothering the community.
  • Opportunity to form part of showcasing the positive side of the industry operations to the society thereby changing the negative public perceptions of our industry.
  • WAIMM will address government policies that have the tendency to negatively affect operational development of the industry technically through research findings and provision of expertise.
  • Company membership provides unlimited access to the WAIMM pool of industry experts