WAIMM Geotech Conference 2022

August 26, 2022


About the Conference

The 4th WAIMM annual Geotech Conference provides insight and knowledge into the technical planning, design, operations and monitoring of TSF (Tailings dam) which is a very important component of the mining industry.

The upcoming event is the 4th annual Geotech event and we missed it last year as a result of movement restrictions.

The event would be organized on-line from 17 – 18 October 2022 and the 2 – day event will include sessions on Liner selections, Instrumentation Monitoring, and Management Operations.

The purpose of this two-day event is to provide an exclusive, intriguing opportunity to update your knowledge and skillset on the ‘‘Geotechnical Life-Cycle of A Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) – Planning and Execution’’

By attending this practical distinguished Geotechnical conference, participants will be able to understand and equip themselves with the following technique and information:

  • Concept Development – Conceptual design of a mine site, inclusive of a TSF, will allow us to think through and plan all phases of project development.
  • Planning and Engineering Phase – Planning for success throughout the lifecycle. 
  • Start‐Up Operations – Growing pains and starting on the right foot. 
  • Continuing Operations – Standard day‐to‐day operations through much of the lifecycle.
  • Change Management – How to plan and execute changes to a TSF.
  • Closure – Every piece of the lifecycle should plan for closure.
  • Post‐Closure – What next? Closure is not the end of the story.

Who Should Attend?

  • Geotechnical engineers
  • Tailings dam supervisors and engineers
  • Metallurgists, process engineers
  • Geologists
  • Mining engineers
  • Site construction and maintenance engineers
  • Environmental personnel
  • Geomatic engineers
  • Statutory organisations
  • Academia
  • Students
  • General public


Participation is strictly by registration. Participants who want to book early to the limited seats reserved should send email to events@waimm.org confirming their participation or register from the zoom event link on the WAIMM website and on the WAIMM social media handles.  Alternatively, Please call +233 (0) 302 919 575 to confirm your participation / reserve your seat.. 

Location : Online

Date : 17/10/2022 8:00 am