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Sep 21 - 23 2021


All Day

The WAIMM Geotech Conference 2021

We are pleased to invite you to an exclusive, intriguing opportunity to update your knowledge and skillset to a very dynamic and practical WAIMM Geotech seminar on the topic: ‘‘Geotechnical Life-Cycle of A Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) – Planning and Execution’’.

By attending this practical distinguished Geotechnical seminar, participants will be able to understand and equip themselves with the following technique and information:

  • Concept Development – Conceptual design of a mine site, inclusive of a TSF, will allow us to think through and plan all phases of project development. From a geotechnical standpoint, this will include conceptual design of the TSF and ancillary structures.
  • Planning and Engineering Phase – Planning for success throughout the lifecycle. While owners/operators are very hesitant to over‐invest capital early in the project, the early planning and engineering phase of the project is critical to the successful TSF lifecycle. This should include appropriate site investigations, alternatives assessments, and engineering analyses in support of the design, construction, and operation of a TSF.
  • Start‐Up Operations – Growing pains and starting on the right foot. TSF start‐up is most likely when considerable upset conditions will occur. It will be important to understand if the plant is operating as designed and producing a material which is consistent with the design, and to understand if the TSF is operating as designed.
  • Continuing Operations – Standard day‐to‐day operations through much of the lifecycle. During standard day‐to‐day operations, facility operation must be continually monitored. This includes following tailings deposition and water management plans, as well as monitoring and surveillance plans. If changes in materials, operations, water management, or monitoring results occur, how do we understand and accommodate that information? The role of Engineer of Record (EoR) must be well understood and appropriate.
  • Change Management – How to plan and execute changes to a TSF. During the lifecycle of a TSF, changes will occur. It is important to have a design with the flexibility to accommodate those changes, and proper planning and discussions between the owner/operator, EoR, and regulatory agencies are key for successful change management.
  • Closure – Every piece of the lifecycle should plan for closure. While closure comes at the end of the project, everything leading up to closure should be developed with closure in mind. What closure options are available and how they are considered in the design and operation of the TSF is important for a successful project.
  • Post‐Closure – What next? Closure is not the end of the story. If proper closure planning and execution occurs, there may not be much left to do, but we need to confirm this and continue to maintain our commitments.

Note:  Participants will be taken a more thorough presentation of the tailings facility lifecycle (from concept through post-closure). This is an opportunity to have an open and frank discussion about tailings storage facilities and tailings management with various stakeholders from the region including designers, owners, operators, and (potentially) regulators.

Attendance: FREE


Please call +233 (0) 302 851 288 to confirm your participation / reserve your seat.

Find out more about the event or to register send email to: waimmvents@waimm.org

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