The vision of the Finance and Legal Group (FLG) is to provide an efficient backbone for operational development.

The Group is opened to all professionals in the mining and petroleum industry and provides a platform for the transfer of knowledge and skill training of best practices in finance and law between professionals in the mining, metallurgical and petroleum industries.


The Group’s objective is to promote and further best practices in the finance and legal sectors.

Other aims of the FLG are:

  • Promote the practice of standard finance and legal awareness towards operational development
  • Promote and encourage the use of standard financial principles and accounting in carrying out specific tasks
  • Provide input in policy formulation and legal interpretation towards responsible operations associated with mining, the communities and petroleum
  • Educate members on how to take charge and proper planning of their finances towards good pension and life after leaving the industry
  • To provide networking opportunities for FLG professionals through sponsoring field meetings and conferences etc. where they meet and share ideas on current issues


Membership to the EHS Society is opened to all WAIMM Members with an interest in the practice of occupational Health, Safety and Environmental responsibility.


WAIMM Members with an interest in joining the EHS Society can apply by ticking the relevant box under societies in their Membership profile. Members can also apply online or send an email requesting for membership to

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