Council Committee

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for delivering educational programs in furtherance of the WAIMM’s objectives at the Universities, community etc. to ensure the Institute continuous to provide exceptional input into science and industry.


The aim of the Education Committee is to present a continuous professional input in science and industry for professional recognition.

The Committee is responsible for instituting educational initiatives that will provide scholarship and bursary facilities for brilliant but less privileged students undertaking programs in mining, metallurgy and geosciences in a registered university.

The Committee is also responsible for providing funds to universities and research institutions to undertake research purposely for the mining and petroleum industry.

The Committee is to among other things liaise with other specialist Committees to organize award schemes for distinguished professionals in the resources industry.


The Education Committee reports to the Council and is chaired by a member of the governing council. It is composed of 7 members from the industry, academia and research consisting of both council and non-council members.