Council Committee

Professional & Ethic Committee

The Committee comprises both the Ethics and Professional standards Committees.


The Ethics and Professional Committee (EPC) promote professional excellence, code of ethics, standard operating procedures for members and also promote career development programs.


The Ethics and Professional Committee (EPC) is chaired by a governing council member.  The EPC is made up of 15 members of both governing and non-governing council members. At least 10 members of the EPC MUST come from the governing council membership.


  • Responsible for providing Code of Ethics and other Standard Operating Procedures for WAIMM membership.
  • Setting out and continuously updating criteria for election to the various membership categories.
  • Reviewing bye-laws and codes of conducts to meet the exigencies of the times.
  • Plan career development, training and other Professional development programs.
  • Establishing road map for strict adherence to bye-laws and Code of Conduct.
  • Providing the platform for networking opportunities through the planning of technical meetings, professional development programs and seminars etc.
  • Developing community based outreach programs and seminars with societies around mining and petroleum industry areas for awareness creation and standards.
  • Promote professional recognition of WAIMM especially member categories and qualification with comparable organizations in the world.

WAIMM gives you the  opportunity to be part of a specialist Society of professionals towards the development, knowledge transfer, exposure to current trends and best practices in your field of practice.

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WAIMM really is the strongest representation of what mining is.

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