Fellow Applications

Fellows are however required to have attained at least 10 years industry experience after qualification and must also satisfy the managerial criteria that are periodically set by the Governing Council.

  • Must be eligible for election to the WAIMM Member grade of membership
  • Must have at least 10 years’ post qualification industry experience
  • Last five years’ experience prior to application must have been spent in a major supervisory role and engaged in activities which has significantly contributed to the promotion of science and industry
  • Need to be sponsored by three Members or Fellows. Two of the sponsors must be Fellows of WAIMM
  • All applicants MUST include a current and up to date CV detailing their work experience, publications or research work undertaken
  • Relevant experience must be certified and confirmed by one of the Sponsors
  • Need to include photocopies of relevant academic degrees
  • Fellow membership applicants MUST provide a statement addressing their leadership roles and other relevant responsibilities
  1. Complete an on-line application from the website or send e-mail to membership@waimm.org for further information
  2. Fill and complete all relevant sections of the application form with correct details
  3. All applications must be accompanied by payment of the relevant membership admission and subscription fees
  4. An email would be sent to the applicant to acknowledge receipt of the completed application form.
  5. On successful election to a Fellowship grade, you would immediately be notified by e-mail and subsequently confirmed by writing
  6. Completed applications are usually processed within six (6) weeks

For a complete list of WAIMM membership benefits, please refer to the complete membership benefits package in PDF.

WAIMM Fellows are recognized by the post nominal FWAIMM.


Upload all relevant documents including a current CV, scanned certificates and any additional information necessary to support the Fellow application and submit the completed application. For any further enquiries on the application process, kindly contact the membership department at membership@waimm.org.