• A Student member is a person who is registered as a student undertaking a course in a university or higher institution leading to a degree in earth science and geosciences, mining and mineral engineering or a related subject.
  • A Graduate Member is anyone who is pursuing a post-graduate degree in mining engineering, mine survey/geomatic engineering, metallurgy or any geosciences program at University or Institution of higher learning.


Student member applications

To be elected as a student member, the candidate shall:

  • Must be registered as a student for a degree i.e. Bachelors (BSc) or Masters (MSc) level awarded by a university or an institution of higher learning
  • At least 25% of the course structure must be comprised of geosciences/earth science and mining based subjects
  • Your program must be endorsed by the head of department / senior lecturer at the Faculty of the university
  • Can stay in this category for a maximum of two years after which you must transfer to Graduate member grade
Graduate Member applications

A candidate for election as Graduate Member:

  • Must qualify for election to a student member category
  • Must have attained a minimum of at least one year post qualification experience
  • Applicant must be undertaking a full time MSc program in mining, metallurgy and geosciences at a recognized university
  • Must be endorsed by the head of department / senior lecturer or project supervisor at the Faculty
  • One can remain in this category for a period of 3 years after which you must transfer for full member status
  • Graduate Member applications must be sponsored by one Fellow of WAIMM
  • Complete an on-line application pack from the website or send e‐mail to for further information on the application process
  • Fill and complete all relevant sections of the application form with correct details
  • All applications must be accompanied by payment of the relevant membership admission and subscription fees
  • An email would be sent to the applicant to acknowledge receipt of the completed application form
  • On successful election to a Student member or Graduate member grade, you would immediately be notified by e‐mail and subsequently confirmed by writing
  • Student membership applications are usually processed within four (4) weeks
  • Graduate member applications are processed within Six (6) weeks
  • Elections take place at least five (5) times in a year
Application process

To apply fill and submit the complete application form and your first year subscription fee to the membership department. In case of any further information on the application process, kindly send an email to