The WAIMM membership is available to all professionals engaged in all sectors of the mining, minerals and petroleum industry across West Africa and beyond. The WAIMM provides professional coordination and networking to geoscientists, mining engineers and metallurgists with excellent opportunities in personal and professional development through every phase of your career.

Applications to the Graduate, Member and Fellow category is done in strict compliance with the WAIMM code of ethics and applicants are advised to read the code of ethics before putting in the application.

Membership application

WAIMM Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each calendar year and is renewable at the end of the year. To apply for membership please download and complete the membership form.

You can either send the completed membership application forms to us by post or a scanned copy by email.

For further information on WAIMM member applications, contact WAIMM Membership  and we would greatly assist you.


  • The first step is deciding which category of membership is right for you
  • Complete the relevant on-line membership form from the WAIMM website
  • Submit the completed membership application form together with the uploaded supporting documents and relevant subscription fees for further processing

Please provide the following information:

  • Personal details (i.e. name, correspondence address, email address and date of birth)
  • Contact details
  • Current CV
  • Verified evidence of education
  • Verification of professional experience
  • Proposers details (email address, phone number, membership ID etc.)
  • Relevant payment of subscription fee and any applicable application fee

Subscription fees for each membership grade can be found in the link Application deadline and Subscription Fee.

Membership categories


This is the senior grade of WAIMM membership. To be elected as a Fellow, a candidate must:

  • Be qualified for election as a Member
  • Minimum of 10 years relevant industry experience
  • Last five years’ experience prior to application must have been spent in a major Management responsibility role
  • Have engaged in activities which has significantly contributed to the promotion of geoscience and industry

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This is the core grade of WAIMM membership

  • available to mining engineers, metallurgists & material engineers, geologists & petroleum engineers and related engineering professionals
  • Relevant tertiary degree or equivalent qualification in mining, geoscience, engineering and mining related subject
  • Minimum of 3 years relevant industry experience

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  • Individuals without the requisite qualification for admission into the Member category but are working in the mining or petrochemical industry, educational, research, professional or commercial organisations concerned with those industries
  • Minimum of 3 years industry experience

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  • Must have completed tertiary education with less than 3 years professional experience, or
  • Undertaking a post-graduate degree in mining engineering, metallurgy or any earth science / engineering program

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  • Available to all registered undergraduate students undertaking a full / part time program leading to a bachelors degree in mining, engineering, metallurgy & materials and earth science / geosciences at a recognized University
  • Valid for up to one year after completion of your undergraduate studies

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Corporate membership
  • Offered to companies and organizations in the mining and petroleum industry
  • The company should be interested in furthering the development of the industry

Application deadlines and Election dates

Generally, it takes approximately three (3) – Six (6) weeks for a returned completed application form to be processed. If application is successful, the applicant would be notified first by email and thereafter confirmed by writing sent to the post box provided.

Some grade of membership may require the applicant to be invited for an interview and that might probably prolong the application process for a week or two depending on the circumstance.

For information and further clarification on the application deadline dates, kindly send an email to