Member Grade Transfers

The WAIMM membership is available to all professionals engaged in all sectors of the mining, minerals and petroleum industry across West Africa and beyond. The WAIMM provides professional coordination and networking to geoscientists, mining engineers and metallurgists with excellent opportunities in personal and professional development through every phase of your career.

Student Members

  • Eligible to transfer for full Graduate membership category one year after post qualification experience.
  • Student members may not remain in this category for more than two years inclusive

Graduate Members

  • Graduate members registered for the first time undertaking a program in earth science/engineering must transfer into full Member grade a year after completion of the course.
  • Graduate members are eligible ONLY to remain in this category for a maximum period of 3 years after which you have to transfer to full Member category.

Core Member

  • All Fellows after satisfying a maximum number of hours and credits in the career development programs are eligible to transfer to the Chartered Professional grade of membership.
  • Fellows after assuming retirement from active work automatically transfer to the Retired membership category.

WAIMM gives you the  opportunity to be part of a specialist Society of professionals towards the development, knowledge transfer, exposure to current trends and best practices in your field of practice.

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WAIMM really is the strongest representation of what mining is.

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