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Applications to the WAIMM Member category must include:

This is the core grade of WAIMM membership and is available to mining engineers, metallurgists & material engineers, geoscientists and engineering professionals with at least 5 years relevant experience in the mining or petroleum industry.

WAIMM's major annual conference - the WAIC has been a great platform for knowledge transfer and in-depth information about industry operations. I have never missed any of the conferences since it has given me the opportunity to interact and share ideas with great and knowledgeable professionals from the industry.

- Festus Adomako Kusi

Core Member

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Core Member


Application to the Member grade of WAIMM membership must be sponsored by three WAIMM Members or Fellows. At least one of the sponsors must be a WAIMM Fellow.


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WAIMM is your number one-stop-shop location to your professional information and growth.

Dr Bright Oppong - Affum Lecturer, UMaT - Ghana