Membership Categories

The WAIMM membership is available to all professionals engaged in all sectors of the mining, minerals and petroleum industry across West Africa sub region and beyond. The WAIMM provides professional coordination and networking to geoscientists, mining engineers, metallurgists and related engineers with excellent opportunities in personal and professional development through every phase of your career.

Core Member

  • Available to mining engineers, metallurgists & material engineers, geologists & petroleum engineers and related engineering professionals
  • Have not less than five (5) years of experience in the resources sector
  • CV summarising job experiences and major direct responsibilities and a statement addressing leadership roles and other relevant responsibilities
  • Those without a requisite degree must have achieved a position of professional responsibility over a period of at least ten (10) years professional experience in the resources sector

Associate Member

  • Individuals without the requisite qualification for admission into the Member category but work in the mining, oil & gas or related industry
  • Minimum of 3 years professioanal industry experience
  • Have acquired some skill and technical competency
  • Provide a CV showing career experience and references from three WAIMM Members or Fellows who would act as his or her sponsors

Fellow Member

  • Be qualified for election as a Member
  • CV showing minimum of 10 years relevant industry experience
  • Complete a Fellowship statement of purpose describing senior responsibilities of a minimum of five (5) years in position(s) of senior responsibility
  • Have made outstanding and distinctive contribution to the promotion of geoscience and the resources industry

Student Member

  • Be regularly attending an approved course of study in a recognised institution leading to a Degree or Diploma in Mining, Metallurgical, Earth Science / Petroleum Engineering or related Engineering programs
  • Provide proof of enrollment and expected date of completion of course and university
  • Valid for up to one year after completion of your undergraduate studies

Graduate Member

  • Must have completed tertiary education with less than 3 years professional experience in the resources sector
  • Undertaking a post-graduate degree in mining engineering, metallurgy or any earth science / engineering program
  • Provide current CV of professional experience

Retired Member

  • Applicable only to existing WAIMM Members and Fellows
  • Both the Member and Fellow grade of membership automatically roll over unto retired membership category after retiring from active service
  • A commitment to working with the bye-laws and code of job ethics of WAIMM

Company Membership

  • Offered to companies and organizations in the mining and petroleum industry
  • Be interested in the continuous professional development of employees and in research on industry issues and knowledge transfer in the resources sector
  • Have engaged in activities which has significantly contributed to the promotion of geoscience and industry

WAIMM gives you the  opportunity to be part of a specialist Society of professionals towards the development, knowledge transfer, exposure to current trends and best practices in your field of practice.

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WAIMM really is the strongest representation of what mining is.

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