WAIMM Subscription

Membership Subscription Fees

Membership subscription runs from 1st December through to November 30th. Subscription fees are paid on annual basis and are to be paid on or by the 1st December each year.

Applications for membership received after June 1st will be entitled to a 50% discounted amount of the annual subscription fees. Newly elected members must include the appropriate admission fee in addition to the first year membership subscription fees.

Fellow Member

$ 70.00 USD

Core Member

$ 60.00 USD

Associate Member

$ 50.00 USD

Graduate Member

$ 25.00 USD

Retired Member

$ 20.00 USD

Student Member

$ 0.00 USD

Corporate Member

WAIMM gives you the  opportunity to be part of a specialist Society of professionals towards the development, knowledge transfer, exposure to current trends and best practices in your field of practice.

Profile Eric asubonteng1 min

WAIMM really is the strongest representation of what mining is.

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