The Chartered Professional Development Program

This grade of membership is eligible only for Members and Fellows of WAIMM with relevant experience in geosciences, mining and related courses and have shown proven commitment to professional development and career enhancement .

The WAIMM Chartered Professional (CP) program is a career development program consisting of industry related courses, workshops and seminars s etc., that is opened to all Members and Fellows with the requisite experience and qualification and cuts across all departments of the industry including mining, geology, metallurgy, petroleum and other related industries. About 90% of the program is completed through participation in the WAIMM organized industry related programs.

The courses and seminars cover a wide range of topics including both technical and managerial subjects. To apply for the CP program, kindly send a mail to  for eligibility assessment and accreditation. We would gladly send you a list including confirmed dates of our on-going programs.