The vision of the Mining Society is to represent Mining Engineering and those working in fields associated with Mining in the industry and research.


The Society’s objective is to promote and further the development of Mining in all entireties.

Other aims of the Mining Society are:

  • Encourage research and education in the study of Mining.
  • Support students, professionals and academia in the development of mining engineering and associated fields.
  • Support research in the study of earth science by collaborating with universities and other institutions of higher learning.
  • Promote the publication of monthly newsletters and monthly / quarterly journals on Mining and related developments.
  • To provide networking opportunities for Mining engineers and related mining professionals through sponsoring field meetings and conferences etc. where they meet and share ideas on advancements in the field.


Membership to the Mining Society is opened to all WAIMM Members with an interest in the study of Mining engineering and Mining.


Primary benefits include the following:

  • Being part of a community of professionals that share same interest in the study of Mining engineering.
  • Society Members receive the monthly Mining Newsletter and other relevant information on emerging technologies on mining and extraction methods.
  • Members receive emails of current updates in the Mining field
  • Highly subsidized rates on conferences and other training schedules organized by the Society
  • The opportunity to join an international community of Mining professionals in other organizations

WAIMM Members with an interest in joining the Mining Society can apply by ticking the relevant box under societies in their Membership profile. Members can also apply online or send an email requesting for membership to .

Contact us:

Chair – Stephen Ndede: