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Private: Mining and Mineral Economics Training workshop


This five-day Course examines the nature of Mineral Economics, its emergence as a Distinct Discipline following World War II, and its more Recent Evolution. The course is intended to give participants a sound understanding of the basics of Economic and Financial Evaluation Techniques, as well as the Practical Implementation of these Techniques to Mineral and Mining Project Assessments with the aim to:


  • Understanding the important concepts and methods of mining and Mineral Economics
  • Gaining some practical understanding of Economic and Financial Evaluation Principles
  • Developing the skills necessary to support mineral project valuation
  • Learning about the real options approach to valuing mining projects
  • Appreciating the Potential Risks inherent in Mineral Projects
  • Learning the basics of Mining and Mineral Economics
  • Understanding Economic and Financial Evaluation Techniques
  • Implementing practical techniques to Mineral project assessment


Mining, Mineral and Geological Engineers, Mineral Exploration Geologists, Mining Analysts, Managers involved in ore Reserves Estimation, Economic Studies or Medium to Long Term Planning, as well as those in Government responsible for the Formulation of Mineral Policies.