WAIC 2019

WAIC 2019



‘’Sustainability of the Natural Resources Sector in the West African Sub – region given Current State of Global Exploration and Investment Trends’’

Following the successes of the WAIC2018, the WAIMM Annual Industry Conference – WAIC, returns to the Ghana Shipper’s Authority from the 12th – 14th November 2019. The 2 – 3 days annual event to be held in Accra, Ghana, is a natural resources investment and exhibition conference that is currently in its 4th year. The conference has grown in stature, and continues to grow in influence and participation since the first event held in 2016.

WAIC is the premier conference for mining and petroleum industry professionals in the West African mining and petroleum industry. The aim is to ensure that industry professionals gain in-depth knowledge about the latest trends in technology and research, share ideas and knowledge about diverse fields in the industry, and provide a platform for professionals to think through challenges and stay relevant in the resources industry. It also affords investors and the investment community the perfect opportunity to meet key players of the mining and petroleum industry and become better informed about the happenings of the industry and areas targeted for investment.

WAIC2019 is expected to host over 700 attendees from 10 countries, and will showcase mineral, oil and gas projects, highlighting global investment and local opportunities throughout the three-day conference and exhibition period.

WAIC provides 3 days of industry specific presentations, discussions, networking, knowledge sharing and investment talks and brings together all stakeholders in the mining and petroleum industry including professionals, academia, mining and oil & gas companies, the projects and the investment community. It opens up a channel where industry players can access current operational industry developments and innovations, come into contact with new tools, share the latest research and gain insights about other operational enhancements towards sustainability in the mining and petroleum industry.

WAIC 2019 will feature over 40 mining, petroleum and investment leaders who would be sharing great insights and knowledge on current trends in the resources industry and investment opportunities. WAIC 2019 will bring together over 600 delegates and visitors from the industry and investment community who are expected to attend this year’s event to discuss and provide solutions on how the West African countries can develop their resources potential into investments and industrialization to drive economic growth in the sub region. The 3 – day event also promises to feature a lot of mining, oil & gas, banking and investment companies who will showcase their latest projects and investment opportunities.

WAIC 2019 will be combined with the 3rd WAIMM Open – Pit Mining Conference. The Open – Pit Mining Conference, will provide the platform for geologists, mining engineers, metallurgists, engineers, mining support services, health, safety and environmental professionals, consultants and experts involved in open – pit operations to share the latest innovations, services, products and research towards industry sustainability.

WAIC 2019 will also host the WAIMM’s 2nd Women in Mining and Petroleum Networking Event i.e. “The WiMPet Empowerment Conference 2019”. WiMPet2019 seeks to provide a channel where Women Professionals in the industry can access mentorship, build leadership and managerial roles as well as resilience as a major step towards achieving diversity and inclusion in the male dominated industry. The WiMPet2019 will also forester the sharing of knowledge with experts from both Local and International Women Industry Professionals.

WAIC 2019 Themes

The WAIC2019 conference will feature over 50 industry leaders and experts in a packed program of key note presentations, discussing policies, operations, investment strategies, global exploration and commodity trends and industry sustainability. The conference themes include the following:

  • Policies, Regulations and Institutions
  • West Africa’s Oil and Gas Policy
  • West Africa’s Mining Policy
  • Women in Oil and Gas
  • Women in Mining
  • Mineral Exploration and Mining Investment Strategies
  • Open Pit Mining
  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Investment
  • Metallurgy and Processing
  • Materials Handling and Infrastructure
  • Precious Metals
  • Development Minerals
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Education and Research
  • Copper and Battery Metals

WAIC 2019 Highlights

The event which will involve participation of both local and international mining and petroleum players will feature:

  • Three – day technical presentations and programs
  • Over Ten keynote presentations
  • Four conference breakout sessions
  • Exhibition / trade show by mining and petroleum companies, service providers etc.
  • Two networking events
  • Two industry specialist conference events (3rd Open – Pit mining and WiMPeT2019)

Who Attends WAIC2019?

  • Mining Companies
  • Oil and Gas Companies
  • Mining and Oil & Gas Professionals
  • Exploration Firms
  • Professional Service Providers
  • Education and Research Institutions
  • Finance and Investment institutions
  • Financiers
  • Industry consultants
  • Government and Regulatory Agencies
  • Mining Equipment Companies
  • Finance / Banking institutions
  • Suppliers
  • Media
  • Industry professionals

WAIC 2019 event and exhibition will be held at the main auditorium of the Ghana Shipper’s Council, Ridge – Accra, Ghana, from Tuesday 12th November to Thursday 14th November 2019.

Visit the WAIC2019 website for further information on registration and other details at https://waic2019.waimm.org/