The WAIMM Student Internship programs are strategically planned as a series of activities that will enable students to participate in the various aspects of the industry operations.

Although limited placements for internship opportunities are available, students would be given the opportunity to explore the practical aspects to their academic work at short but packed periods during semester break and also on weekends.

The idea is to give students the needed exposure necessary to build models from what they are taught in the classroom to what pertains on the field. Such exposure gives them the opportunity to learn about new industry trends, acquire new skills and adapt to the technology and safety practices in the industry.

Student on internship programs are also able to develop a network of contacts that would be useful for their professional career.

Student mentors in the industry ensure the student gains at least one industry experience before the completion of studies at the University.

For further information on applying for any of our internship opportunities during vacation or weekend placements, please send us a mail to and we would be grateful to assist.

You can also send us a detailed information and application for student internship by completing the forms through the link below:

Application for Student Internship