Subscription fees

Membership subscription runs from 1st December through to November 30th. Subscription fees are paid on annual basis and are to be paid on or by the 1st December each year.

Applications for membership received after June 1st will be entitled to a 50% discounted amount of the annual subscription fees.

Newly elected members must include the appropriate admission fee in addition to the first year membership subscription fees.

Membership Application Fees
  • Student membership applications are exempted from payment of the one-off admission fees.
  • Applications to the grade of Member, Associate or Fellow must be accompanied by a one-off admission fee of US$10.00.
2018 Membership Subscription Fees
Membership category Ghana Residents Amount (US$) Non-Residents of Ghana Amount US$
Fellow US$ 70.00 US$ 60.00
Member US$ 60.00 US$ 50.00
Associate US$ 50.00 US$ 40.00
Graduate US$ 25.00 US$ 25.00
Retired US$ 20.00 US$ 15.00
Student Free Free

*Payments can be made in respective local currency equivalent.

Membership transfers

If you are transferring from Student to a Graduate member; Graduate to a Fellowship; Fellow to a Chartered professional and Fellow to Retired membership, there is no admission fee.

Additional information
  • Admission fees once paid cannot be refunded
  • Members who are unemployed or are experiencing financial difficulties can apply to for further discounts on subscription fees and other benefits
  • It should be noted as stated earlier that the appropriate Subscription Fees can be paid in the local currency equivalent
  • Students who have graduated and are yet to secure employment can continue paying the student Subscription Fee of US$10.00 until such a time that they are gainfully employed.