The WAIMM Endowment Fund is an educational fund that has been established to carry out WAIMM Education activities including the following:

  1. Student bursary / sponsorship for postgraduate/research opportunities on industry related projects
  2. Provide funds for research topics that would be beneficial to the mining and petroleum industry
  3. Provide funds to universities for research and technological developments in industry related projects
  4. Provide funds to promote greater participation of women in undertaking mining, petroleum and other related courses
  5. Provide funds to support brilliant but less privileged students pursuing a program in any of the earth sciences and engineering at a recognized University or Institution.

Please complete Application for the WAIMM Endowment Fund and APPLY FOR THE WAIMM 2019 SCHOLARSHIP NOW by downloading the application form WAIMM SCHOLARSHIP 2019 . Attach scans of all supporting documents to the application form and send it to for further review and selection accordingly.

Other institutions and universities can take advantage of the sponsorship opportunities provided by the fund by obtaining application pack from and submitting the completed relevant application forms to the WAIMM scholarship secretariat.

Information on how to contribute and provide financial support to the WAIMM Education Fund can be obtained from the WAIMM Secretariat or by email to Eric Assubonteng who is the manager for the Fund.

Eric Asubonteng

Eric Asubonteng
Chair, Finance and Legal Committee