From The President

Welcome To WAIC2019

Welcome To WAIC2019

It’s really been a very good year for the natural resources industry as we’ve witnessed positive short-term and longer-term technical futures of the commodity market throughout the year. Gold has seen a positive growth within a 52-week range of $1,234.10 to $1,556.20.00 throughout the year with crude oil stabilizing across same period.

Extensive exploration activities have picked up in recent times as a result of more spending for companies due to the stability and confidence in the commodity market. Also, there’s been an upsurge in rig count worldwide as a greater impact for the stability in crude oil prices over the year. As we go through a revival in the global mining and oil & gas industry, it is very important that we position ourselves towards…

We at WAIMM have also witnessed a very positive and highly encouraging year since we got most of our main targeted programs and training workshops done. Although 2020 looks to be another year of significant uncertainties in the commodity futures as a result of several emerging challenging global issues, we believe we have to strategically position ourselves in the event of any eventuality. to this effect, in the coming year, our team has carefully crafted a comprehensive program covering all facets and aspects of skill enhancement and professional development in all the various disciplines in the mining and petroleum industry across the entire value chain.

We believe that with our core values, we all can change the industry and give it a better future for generations yet unborn. We believe we have created a system that will be able to train professionals, get them to share knowledge about various fields of the industry, and also get them bound to operate professionally in a particular set of ethics.

At WAIMM, we believe we have created the environment where industry professionals are treated well with respect and value, where society recognizes their views as coming from a different kind of environment contributing towards the national development.

Our special thanks go to Knight Piesold Ghana as the WAIC2019 headline sponsors and AngloGold Ashanti- Obuasi Mine, Perseus Mining Ghana Ltd, Geosystems consulting as our supporting sponsors for their support over the years and also for making WAIC2019 a reality. We at the WAIMM believe we need to think big; yes, we have to think WAIMM – in the coming weeks, WAIMM will be bigger than you think.

WAIMM – Re-shaping the future of industry professionals…

Lawrence Omari - Mensah