About This Webinar

  • You will learn the best and simplest way to protect the environment from hazardous electronic waste pollution.
  • The 100% success rate of producing diesel fuel from electronic waste.
  • The current and innovative methods towards sustainability of the resources industry.
  • How toxic gases from open burning of electronic waste can be blocked using innovative methods of refining.
  • How you can create a lot of jobs from refining electronic waste.
  • This can protect the health of the practitioners burning electronic waste from inhaling the toxic gases.
  • The refinery process can recover solid carbon for use as metallurgical coke.
  • You will learn how metals would be produced from the process to supplement other metallurgical process towards industry sustainability.


Call For Abstracts

The event which will involve participation of both local and international mining and petroleum players will feature:

  • Three – day technical presentations and programs
  • Over Ten keynote presentations
  • Four conference breakout sessions
  • Exhibition / trade show by mining and petroleum companies, service providers etc.
  • Two networking events
  • Two industry specialist conference events (3rd Open – Pit mining and WiMPeT2019)
  • WAIC 2019 event and exhibition will be held at the main auditorium of the Ghana Shipper’s Council, Ridge – Accra, Ghana, from the 16th – 17th December 2019 .

Past Webinars

WAIMM gives you the  opportunity to be part of a specialist Society of professionals towards the development, knowledge transfer, exposure to current trends and best practices in your field of practice.

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