This award is to recognize the industry champions for their immense contribution to the industry growth and to recognize professionals in both industry and academia for their work as mining and petroleum industry professionals from the early stages of their careers.

This award is only for all retired professionals with a proven track record and outstanding contribution and achievement towards the mining and petroleum industry development in the West African sub-region.

This honour which is to be presented on an annual basis is dependent on the availability of such a personality after a thorough research from industry and academia. To be eligible for such an honour, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Have achieved in carrying out significant industry reforms and policies
  • Been the main architect of a major mining discovery that has been the reference of several other such discoveries
  • Must have undertaken a research work which served as the basis of a lot of discoveries in the industry
  • Must have also carried out a major research work findings of which is used in modern day industry practices
  • Been the originality of a published work which serves as the main reference cited for modern day industry research
  • Must have been the ingenuity of current innovation and development methods in your field of practice
  • Exhibited great leadership, innovation, technical competence and knowledge to spearhead the growth of an institution or industry with focus in the mining and petroleum industry

Further information on  entry requirement and eligibility criteria can be obtained by sending an email to