Membershp Benefits

WAIMM membership benefits are multifaceted and include networking, professional development and professional recognition.

Membership of WAIMM provides a broad range of benefits across the various stages of career and professional progression from student membership to retirement.

Download the WAIMM Member benefits 2016  file for a full list of member benefits


WAIMM provides us the opportunity to share our experiences and ideas with other professionals through our local, regional and global conferences to provide networking opportunities for further career development.

Professional Development

Membership of WAIMM provides members transformation change by giving them the opportunities to present their research for technical presentations and also providing subsidized rates for members to attend world class technical presentations by experts in the industry. WAIMM will collaborate with and provide funding to affiliated universities and other research institutions of higher learning to conduct research into industry specific challenges and current technological trends.

Professional Recognition

The WAIMM has a strong code of ethics which provides Members continuous and strict commitment to a professional ethics and standards framework. The emphasis is placed on creating an environment where industry professionals are treated with value and perform their duties within a strong code of professional ethics to render high quality professional services towards the development of the West African mining and petroleum industry.

Career Development

WAIMM has a broad membership category which encourages the transfer of technical expertise, competence, professional development opportunities and standards in addition to the transfer of knowledge and skills between professionals of diverse fields of practice in the mining and petroleum industry. The wide membership base provides the opportunity for the exchange of ideas with experts through our skill enhancement and professional development programs.

International Recognition

WAIMM is undertaking strenuous efforts and consultations with other professional bodies like the AusIMM, AIG, CIM, AAPG, and SME, GeolSoc etc. for mutual recognition of qualifications and professional standards.

Professional Society

Membership also provides the opportunity to join a distinguished community of students, industry professionals, academia, research, government institutions and individuals engaged in the promotion and development of the mining and petroleum industry.


The WAIMM local, regional and global world class conferences, seminars and workshops rates are subsidized for all members. Other training and career development organized programs are also subsidized for members.

Subscription Fees

The WAIMM subscription fees are always subsidized at all levels. Student member subscription is heavily subsidized and almost free. Opportunities are offered to members who are unemployed, under employed or experiencing financial difficulties to have their subscription reduced up to about 50% on a case-by-case basis.


Members receive a free subscription to the online WAIMM Bulletin. Discounts are also available on other journals and quarterly magazines. Monthly WAIMM newsletters of industry events, technical papers and reviews, research findings etc. and other specialist society’s newsletters are available to members and can be accessed online free of charge.


The WAIMM Junior candidate membership is targeted at those who are in secondary school education and have interests in the study of science, earth science and engineering. WAIMM seeks to promote the study and interest in geoscience and mining education at an early age for the sustainability of the industry.

The WAIMM Endowment Fund provides bursary and scholarship facilities for brilliant but less privileged students pursuing programs in geosciences, mining and metallurgy at recognized universities. The Fund also provides bursary facilities to promote the greater participation of women in the study of mining, petroleum and related programs and also financial assistance for postgraduate and higher research purposely in the mining and petroleum industry.

Industry Recognition

The WAIMM Industry Personality profile series affords members the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience to current and upcoming professionals. The objective of the program is to showcase to the world of mining and petroleum community the professionals that are pushing the industry in the west African sub region and making changes towards sustainability of the industry.

Social Recreational Programs

Annual parties, holiday get-together, geo – tourism recreational tour and leisure field trips can be organized occasionally to take members off their busy schedules and meet with colleagues for sport and