Meet Martha Appiah Mensah, Human Resource Manager, Goldfields Ghana Ltd. – Tarkwa mine

Meet Martha Appiah Mensah, Human Resource Manager, Goldfields Ghana Ltd. – Tarkwa mine

The WAIMM has dedicated the months of March and April 2022 to celebrate and highlight our women industry professionals as our appreciation to strong, committed, professionalism, courageous and resilient women across the sub-region and globally. The recognition is to raise awareness of gender inequality, diversity, and inclusion needed in the industry and also celebrate the successes of some of our women industry professionals who are making a change in the sector.

WAIMM is honored to celebrate the success of Martha Appiah Mensah, for providing remarkable human resource services to the mining community in Ghana for the past two decades.

Martha is an experienced HR professional and holds a BSc Administration, Human Resources Management, from the Central University College Ghana and a post graduate degree in Management from GIMPA in Ghana. She is a clear example of resilience and all her academic pursuits were attained while combining her work as HR Officer and Superintendent. She is currently pursuing an MBA in Human Resources Management from the University of Bedford, UK.

Martha has 20years of experience working in the mining industry and ensures that there is a collegial work environment with superiors, peers, and junior colleagues at all times irrespective of their gender, race, or cultural orientation.

She is currently the HR Manager at the Goldfields Ghana Ltd’s Tarkwa mine, a role she has occupied since 2018 prior to her transfer from the Damang mine. Martha started her career in the male dominated mining industry at Satellite Gold Fields at Wassa-Akyempim in June 2001 and later in 2002 accepted an offer to move to Gold Fields Ghana, Abosso Goldfields as an HR Officer. By dint of hard work and self-directed learning as well as mentorship from senior colleagues, she experienced enormous career growth and development and rose through the ranks to the HR Manager role.

Martha is responsible for HR administration where policies and procedures are birthed and implemented to the achievement of operational and strategic objectives of the mine.

She has been an advocate of Women In Mining (WiM), and a key contributor to women in mining at the Gold Fields Ghana Operations, where she continues to mentor and encourage women employees to contribute their quota to the best of their abilities to the realization of organization’s goal as this will highlight women competencies and help pave the way for other women to be employed.

Martha is member of the Chartered Institute of Human Resource Management, Ghana. She is also a member of the WAIMM.

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