The WiMPET is a WAIMM initiative to increase and support the number of women in the study of earth science and engineering.

The vision is to attract and support women to pursue careers in mining, metallurgy, petroleum and related industries and also encourage them to undertake relevant courses in the study of earth science and engineering.


The Society’s objective is to promote greater participation of women in the study and practice of earth science and engineering.


Membership to WiMPET is opened to all WAIMM Members and other non-WAIMM members irrespective of gender with an interest in women empowerment and gender equality.


Primary benefits include the following:

  • Being part of a community of professionals that share same interest in the promoting the course of women in the mining and petroleum community
  • WiMPET Members receive free monthly newsletter, updates on latest news and activities, grants for conferences and technical reports etc.
  • Highly subsidized rates and complimentary pass to WAIMM conferences and other training programs
  • The opportunity to join an international community of WiMPET professionals in other organizations
  • WAIMM shall facilitate the organization of a formidable Networking group whose relevance will be well regarded in the Mining and Petroleum industries.
  • WAIMM shall facilitate the creation of a WiMPET platform to lobby Companies and Governments to, inter alia,
    • Establish a gender desk for women’s issues in the Mining & Petroleum industries.
    • Promote the inclusion of women in relevant Mining and Petroleum reviews or development planning.
  • WiMPET shall have access to a platform that facilitates the identification, sharing and implementation of best practices within the Mining and Petroleum industries.
  • Facilitate the development of mechanisms that will enhance the skills and abilities of WiMPET members.
  • Bursary facilities and grants to promote greater participation of women in petroleum, mining and related courses.
  • Promote equal employment opportunities for women within the Mining & Petroleum Industries
  • Facilitate educational programs (e.g. periodic prominent speaker series) on relevant Mining and Petroleum topics.
  • Promote a platform that recognizes and awards WiMPET members for outstanding or distinguished service to the Mining & Petroleum industries.
  • To promote mentor-ship by facilitating mentoring programs for professionals by providing them with skills in presentations, technical report writing etc. and also provide support to girls in the secondary and tertiary schools.

WAIMM Members with an interest in joining the WiMPET Network can apply by ticking the relevant box under societies in their Membership profile. Members can also apply online or send an email requesting for membership to wimpet@waimm.org.

Contact us:

Chair – Prof Grace Ofori – Sarpong: gofori_sarpong@waimm.org
Vice Chair – Victoria Bleppony: vbleppony@waimm.org