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WAIMM Endowment Fund

Discover the WAIMM Endowment Fund, a catalyst for advancing excellence in mining, petroleum, and metallurgy. Our fund is dedicated to supporting innovation, education, and research initiatives that shape the future of these vital industries. Join us in building a legacy of sustainable growth and expertise through the WAIMM Endowment Fund.d

The WAIMM Endowment Fund is an educational fund that has been established to carry out WAIMM Education activities including the following:

Other institutions and universities can take advantage of the sponsorship opportunities provided by the fund by obtaining application pack from and submitting the completed relevant application forms to the WAIMM scholarship secretariat.

Information on how to contribute and provide financial support to the WAIMM Education Fund can be obtained from the WAIMM Secretariat or by email to WAIMM Endowment Fund .

WAIMM Endowment Fund donations: Nurturing Excellence in Mining, Petroleum, and Metallurgy

Contribute to the WAIMM Endowment Fund and be part of a legacy that fosters excellence in the mining, petroleum, and metallurgy sectors. Your donations power education, research, and innovation initiatives, shaping the future of these vital industries. Join us in building a sustainable foundation for growth and expertise through your support of the WAIMM Endowment Fund.