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WAIMM is committed to demonstrating leadership in professional excellence and career advancement through innovative networking. WAIMM provides professionals an identity, enhances their reputation and leadership experience.

WAIMM Webinars

Creating an Exceptional Environment For Professionals in the Industry The WAIMM webinars offer insights into current trends in technology and operational developments….

Students Meet Industry Events

The primary benefit of Student membership is the mentoring program where students are put under the expert guidance of a Member of Fellow as part of the WAIMM Mentorship program. The aim of this mento…

WAIMM Young Professionals Conference 2023

The WYPG Empowerment Conference 2023 will enhance the WAIMM Mentorship project and promises to have a brain storming and networking session which will strengthen the empowerment of early career profes…

Personality Profiles

This is a WAIMM exclusive personality profiling of industry professionals who have made significant contributions to the industry and getting them known to the world. …


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The WAIMM congratulates Vicky Clauriana Paass, UG – College of Basic and Applied Sciences for receiving the Best Graduating Student Award

The 2022 / 2023 WAIMM Student Chapter President of the University of Ghana ( Department...

WAIMM congratulates Prof Bernard Kumi-Boateng of UMaT on his Inaugural Lecture

The WAIMM is very proud and shares in the success of Prof Bernard Kumi-Boateng on...
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WAIMM celebrates Daniella Donkor, CKT-UTAS, for receiving the Best Female Graduating Award

Ms. Daniella Donkor who is the immediate past Vice President(2022) of the WAIMM CKT-UTAS Student...
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WAIMM celebrates Michael Assane, CKT-UTAS Chapter President for receiving the Best Male Graduating Student Award

The 2021 / 2022 WAIMM Student Chapter President of the University of Technology and Allied...
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The WAIMM Young Professionals Conference – WYPG 2023

The West African Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (WAIMM) is hosting the fifth conference...

WAIMM Annual International Conference 2022 – WAIC 2022

The 5th annual WAIMM Industry Conference WAIC2022 will be held in Ghana from 22 –...

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