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Young Professional Group

Discover the WAIMM Young Professional Group, a dynamic community where emerging talents in mining, petroleum, and metallurgy thrive. Connect with like-minded peers, access mentorship, and embark on a journey of career growth and innovation. Join us in shaping the future of these vital industries through the WAIMM Young Professional Group.

Welcome to the WAIMM Young Professional Group which is platform for students, graduate membership and newly completed university graduates to strengthen their network base and career development.

The YPG is for all recent graduates and early industry professionals with less than 5years industry experience looking at enhancing their career and professional development in  the mining and oil & gas industry.

It is the objective of the WAIMM to promote exceptional leadership and professional growth to further best practices in science and the community. WAIMM empowers student chapters by providing the platform for students to network with professionals from the industry through student organized workshops, seminars and other networking activities. The WAIMM organised industry visits provide student chapter members the much needed practical operational experience and industry knowledge.

The WAIMM's annual young professionals conference has created a strong networking platform for both young professionals and industry professionals. It has increased my presentation, networking and public speaking skills through participation in presentations. It has provided insights from experienced professionals in the industry that we as young professionals could take advantage of to update ourselves and remain relevant in the minerals industry. Through the event field trips, I had the opportunity to visit a manganese mine for the first time and gained knowledge on other mineral commodity production apart from gold - such an eye opener! My personal and professional skill set has been enhanced through WAIMM!

- Fatimatu Iddrissu, GWAIMM, WYPG Vice President, 2020

The WAIMM through the WYPG has created the platform for young graduates to interact, learn and network directly with industry professionals, acquire new and relevant skills necessary for the industry, sharpened our communication and public speaking skills through its annual WAIC & WYPG student and graduate presentations, equipped us with industry related computer software skills. The YPG's career development program has increased our knowledge base through especially the annual mentorship platform, geological field trips, industry visits and exposed us to networking opportunities with industry personalities.

- Albert Kwaku Amanor Tetteh, GWAIMM, WYPG President , 2020

Unlocking Opportunities: Benefits of WAIMM Young Professionals Group