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Welcome to the West African Institute Of Mining, Metallurgy & Petroleum

Unveiling WAIMM’s Mission to Empower Excellence in Mining, Petroleum, and Metallurgy. Learn More About Our Vision and Commitment to Advancing the Industries We Serve.

WAIMM is committed to demonstrating leadership in professional excellence and career advancement through innovative networking. WAIMM provides professionals an identity, enhances their reputation and leadership experience.

Our focus is to provide exceptional leadership and professional development through a continuous concerted effort of training, seminars, networking, webinars, skill management, conferences, workshops, peer review, safety awareness, institutional and organizational controls of best practices and research into modern and technological trends in industrial practices for the benefit of all members.


Years Of Industry


"WAIMM's" By-laws serve as the guiding principles that govern the organization's structure, decision-making processes, and responsibilities of its members.

Video Insight

WAIMM Video Insights - Unleashing the Power of Visual Intelligence. WAIMM Video Insights empowers members to unlock the full potential of their video assets.

WAIMM Strategy

Empowering Professional Excellence and Career Advancement. Dynamic and forward-thinking professional excellence through innovative networking

The WAIMM Environment

Career Development

Targeted industry related and other educational programs for Professionals aimed at professional standards and competency

Professional Recognition

Commitment to professional ethics and standard operating procedures


Excellent global, regional and local networking opportunities through conferences, workshops and other events

Professional development

Opportunities for technical presentations, subsidized rates for members to attend world class technical presentations by renowned industry players

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WAIMM Young Professionals Conference 2023

WAIMM member benefits include access to knowledge and information, career support, professional qualifications, training events, grants, achievement awards, access to networking groups and a free member magazine. Learn more about IOM3 membership and how we can support you…

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