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Empowering the Next Generation of Mining, Petroleum, and Metallurgy Leaders. Explore Mentorship Opportunities and Ignite Your Career Growth.


Career Enhancement

The WAIMM mentorship program is a structured journey that brings mentors and mentees together for a greater part of your career development. The program is such that, both parties meet online twice in a month to discuss issues concerning the industry. The mentee is provided with industry operational tips and career enhancement guidance, ethics and strict working principles. The purpose of the mentorship program is career enhancement and professional development.

Leadership Training

WAIMM is focused in developing and raising leaders as part of a wider sustainability of the mineral resources industry. As a result of this, mentees are taken through core leadership principles and training. They are given the opportunity to research and develop presentations to a wider platform, access some of the WAIMM webinars on leadership for free as part of their CPD regulations. Those who excel are also allowed to present their project research findings in major WAIMM annual conferences.

Student Meet Industry

Highlight of the WAIMM mentorship program is the annual students meet industry events at the various WAIMM Student chapters where some professionals network with the students as part of career development sessions.

Practical Experience

Field trips to geological features and operating mining companies are organized occasionally for Mentees and early career professionals to better understand the ethics of mining operations and learn from first principles what they are being taught at the classroom.

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