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Council Committees

The Committees are chaired by a member of the governing council for a period of three years and report directly to the Council. There are five standing committees and five working committees with responsibilities towards the development of the vision and objectives of the Institute.

The WAIMM Committees provide essential support services to the governing structure including facilitating opportunities for the development of the Institute. Committees provide cross discipline issues and interests in the mining and petroleum industry. Membership is made up of WAIMM existing members from the industry, academia and research.


Professional & Ethic Committee

The Committee comprises both the Ethics and Professional standards Committees. The Committee is tasked with getting the relevant operational standards and code of practice thereby creating the right environment for members...
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Publications Committee

The WAIMM Publications Committee supervises the publication of the monthly, quarterly and annual newsletters and Journals illustrating recent events in the mining and petroleum industry as well as technological advancements over the period.
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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee (MC) of the Council is responsible for approving members into the institute. Membership admission usually takes between 4 to 8 weeks and is supervised by a membership committee...
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External Relations Committee

The External Relations Committee (ERC) of the Council has the responsibility to raise public awareness to promote and support the WAIMM across West Africa and beyond.
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Finance and Planning Committee

The Finance Committee (FLC) of the governing council is tasked to ensure the regularization of WAIMM’s finances. The committee also has an oversight responsibility of the WAIMM Endowment Fund.
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Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for delivering educational programs in furtherance of the WAIMM’s objectives at the Universities, community etc. to ensure the Institute continuous to provide exceptional input into science and industry.
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Other Committees

Election Committee

The Elections Committee is responsible for organizing elections to the governing council membership and other positions within the WAIMM structure.
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Audit Committee

The aim of the Audit Committee is to ensure internal and financial accounting procedures and structures are reviewed annually.
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Awards Committee

The Award Committee reports to the Council and is chaired by President. It is composed of 11 members from the industry, academia and research consisting of at least 5 council and other non-council members. Membership to the committee...
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Complaints Committee

The Complaints Committee oversees and ensures that all breaches to the bye-laws, regulations and code of ethics involving members are resolved fairly and amicably.
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