WAIMM Scholarships

Recognising Excellence

The WAIMM scholarship is an initiative by the Institute to provide financial support for undergraduate students in the fields of engineering and earth sciences who are currently enrolled in Ghanaian universities, and have a focus on engineering and earth science main projects or thesis, or other topics as considered appropriate by the Selection Committee.


Currently the scholarshiop is applicable to students studying in recognised Universities in Ghana alone and there are plans to extend it to other West African countries in due course.

Applicants must be pursuing undergraduate studies in engineering and earth sciences, a WAIMM member (student member) and entering their third or final year of studies in any Ghanaian university. Applicants must intend to complete an undergraduate thesis or main project with specific emphasis on their fields of studies or other topics as considered appropriate by the Selection Committee.

General Selection Criteria:

  • CGPA 3.0 out of 4.0 (or equivalent for at least the last 2 years of studies); a CGPA of 2.9 may be considered if the Selection Committee believes the candidate is suitable for other reasons.
  • If no suitable candidates are found in a given year, two scholarships may be awarded the next year from each Ghanaian university with a registered WAIMM Student Chapter.
  • Application Deadline:

    Applications must be submitted by September 15 each year inorder to be considered for the next academic year.

    The recipient will be selected by October 15, and the scholarship will be awarded accordingly in the same month.

Application Process

To apply, download the application form from the WAIMM website or send email to scholarship@waimm.org for an application pack.

Application Check List

Please read carefully and ensure the following items are included in your scholarship application package:

  • Completed application form, including an abstract of the proposed thesis / project (approximately 500 words).
  • Official transcripts of the applicant’s academic results for the previous year.
  • Brief resume of past work experience and education.
  • Letters of support from two previous university lecturers.
  • Proof of continuing enrollment in an engineering and earth science program.
  • Letter of intent outlining interest in the engineering and earth science industry, future career goals and the WAIMM.

The application form and supporting documents must be submitted by the application deadline to:

The Scholarship secretariat. You would be notified at each stage of the selection process.